The images of the military conflict in Ukraine is all over the news and social media. It is not good for the people in traumatic events in Eastern Europe or for Americans that have traumatic encounters from combat related to that area of the world.

Many people are posting images from the conflict and nothing twice about it. However, they could be triggering people with images that remind me of a very dark place. The media, especially in the United States, is about making money; not what is best for the people or even reporting the events without a bias.

Consider those with PTSD

Well say, Sgt. Johnson served in Afghanistan, he was in combat and saw many of the same images and sounds that are being recorded right now out of Ukraine. As a result, he is now having flashbacks because of it. The people who do not understand tell him to get over it, it is just the news.

What they do not know is he is starting to consider suicide because of it and could be reaching for the bottle of Jack to cope. The desire to push the images and sound of war in front of his eyes and ear has now made him start to drink and consider suicide.

Addressing Ukrainians with Trauma

Many Ukrainian-Americans are being traumatized by this conflict.  They have emotional ties to the country and in some cases, they have family still in Ukraine. As the battles go on, the people thousands of miles away are being triggered because places they have connection to are destroyed and the images are filling the newsfeed and TV waves.

Pray for the Pentecostal pastors across America that will have members and people in the community look for answers. Many of them will have hard discussion about why war happens if God is in control? They are never easy to discuss. These men of God will need your prayers.

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