Core Beliefs

Anyone who calls on Jesus for salvation, repents of sin, and confess Jesus as Lord has been joined into the Church. Salvation is the only means of being formed into the Bride of Christ. The people of God’s presence is led from the Lord’s table with the Spirit as the Head. The purpose of the Church is for revival in the nations. 

The foundation of the gospel is one’s repentance. Without it, there is no forgiveness. The process of conversion does not happen with the “sinner’s prayer,” but heartfelt repentance. One must change their mind about God, sin, and themselves. 

In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit Fire is poured out at men and women. They are filled with the fire of God and speak in tongues. Everyone of them received a prayer language. In the same way, we are called to have Holy Spirit fire! 

When the Holy Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost, he filled men and women with Holy fire! They were given authority. Heaven does not open and close like shutters. It remains open as long as the Holy Spirit is on the earth. When Holy Spirit is removed, the Heaven will close. 

Core Values

Revival is a season of visitation of the Spirit that is marked by wide spread repentance, dramatic miracles, extra-ordinary deliverance from sin and compassion for the poor. 

God uses prophecy and prophets. Every believer can operate in discernment but there are some who carry a prophet’s mantle. In the coming harvest, prophets like John the Baptist will be more important than ever. 

God’s mission plan is revival. People walking in the miracle power of God preaching repentance and holiness to every man, woman and child on the planet. As long as there one person yet to hear the gospel, we have work to do.

The same blood that saves you and delivers you also heals you. Healing is integral to the gospel. As sure as salvation, divine healing is paid for. Sickness is not from the Lord and Jesus destroyed the works of the devil. Healing the sick is the testimony of the gospel. 


Statement of theology

As a matter of doctrine, Open Heaven believes in the 17 Fundamental Truths of Apostolic Christianity laid out in St. Louis in 1916.


We hold to the belief of the trinity, Jesus was sinless and died for the sins of man.


We also hold to the view of instantaneous (yet progressive) sanctification. When someone gets saved, they are set apart unto the Lord for His service. 

The Bible says that the Baptism of the Spirit is for everyone and the evidence of it is praying in tongues. 


Healing the sick is the testimony of Jesus. Divine healing is not an addon. It is part of salvation. 


At the end of the greatest outpouring in human history, Jesus will return for His people. The only thing standing before us and the rapture is revival. 


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