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Revival is breaking out in Mindanao

God is on the move. I know of moves of the Spirit in Kentucky, Tennessee, Fiji and now the Philippines. As a former missionary to the Philippines, I know the pressures and the challenges of Pentecostalism in a Catholic nation.

See six minutes of the altar call from the first service. They are now going for over a week in revival services.

This is a small United Pentecostal Church church that has seen the power of God hit the service and continues to do so for nights. The power of God is setting the captives free and the sick are being healed. That is what really matters. Many people have services that are very emotional but no lives are changed. Jesus came to transform lives. If this is not the case, we are wasting our time.

What about theology?

At the mention of being Oneness Pentecostals, many will ask the question about Modalism. Here is the deal, the Spirit of God does not check out theology statement before He pours out. Pure theology is the mark of revival; hungry souls for the presence of God is. Revival does not come as a response to sound teaching and it does not stamp approval on bad doctrine, either.

In other words, I do not agree with Oneness Pentecostals doctrinally but I love them and they will be see the end time harvest just like everyone else.

What is next for them?

I believe it will expand in Mindanao, especially in the areas of strong Muslim presence. Zamboanga Peninsula, I think, will become a major target of the revival. It might be in the Pentecostal churches, including Assemblies of God or it might become church plants.

Either way, revival will spread in some form across Mindanao. It could also end up in Malaysia as well. Many Filipinos move between Mindanao and Sabah regularly.

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