I get links sent to me all the time and some of them are alarming. This is one of those. According to an article that is Gallup, Pentecostals are increasing supporting abortion, fornication, gay marriage, and the death penalty.

What is not completely clear is what makes one a Pentecostal for this study. Is it solely those who call themselves Pentecostal (UPCI, Apostolic Assemblies, etc) or does this included the Assemblies, Church of God and Foursquare Church? The next logical question would be about the Word of Faith churches that are very similar to Pentecostal but are part of the main list of movements.

Putting all of that aside, let’s look at what Gallup found in this study,

While Pentecostal do tend to more conservative than Methodists and Baptists (and rightfully so), it is still scary to think so many of us actually believe that abortion is ok and living in sexual sin is acceptable.

My concern is why is there even one percent of people who call themselves Pentecostal believe that the killing of the unborn is acceptable to God. This seems to in direct conflict with everything we stand for as a people.

Add to the mix that almost a third of Pentecostals have no problem with fornication. There was a time that you would be humiliated and asked to leave the church for fornication and now 1 in 3 openly accept it? Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Is Pro-Choice Pentecostals to blame?

Not completely. I believe the real blame is in the pulpits of the Pentecostal churches. We have went soft on sin and went easy on compromise. I am not talking about the legalism in the name of holiness stuff but true setting apart. In fact, part of the problem was we spend more time worrying about how long a teenager’s hair was than we was if she was sleeping with her boyfriend.

We need to get back to what matters and that means telling our young people that abortion, fornication, gay marriage and death penalty is not acceptable and it is in relationship with Pentecostal theology. There must be a cleansing of the altars in our churches.

As a matter of doctrine, Open Heaven completely and wholly stands that abortion is murder, fornication is sin, gay marriage is against scripture and that the death penalty is mockery to God.


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