The final 24 hours of the life of Smith Wigglesworth is something that most people do not know.  He is larger than life. He could have raised up to 20 people from the dead. In Seminary, the number that many come to land on for people raised from the dead (including his wife) is 20.

The idea that Smith Wigglesworth was doing great and just went in the corner and gave up his spirit (died) is not true. Many push this narrative but the truth is not that spiritual. He actually been dealing with the health issue for a few weeks at this point.

The reason this is important is that it remind us that Smith Wigglesworth was just a man like you and I. He had sickness too. He had bad days as well. Being larger than life does not remove the humanity of the “Apostle of Faith. ”

His personal friend, Wilford Richardson had an operation and believed he had sinned because he preached divine healing. He lost his desire to live and the Lord took him home. This is where the story begins about Smith Wigglesworth and his last day of life.

It is not the story of faith but the story of humanity.

Poor Wigglesworth

The day before the funeral of his friend, he got a letter asking him to come to Australia. This was not uncommon but the response from Smith was.

When are you going to move into the realm that you have not touched?….People have their eyes on me. Poor Wigglesworth. What a failure to think that people have their eyes on me. God will never give His glory to another; He will take me from the scene.

As you can see, he was very concerned about how people have made him into someone that he should be. People started to look to him for their miracles and seeing people raised from the dead, not the Lord. This is a real issue for many in ministry but for Smith Wigglesworth; it was ever a bigger problem.

He didn’t care that people in Australia, India, Sri Lanka and the United States wanted him to come preach. He wanted people to know Jesus, not Wigglesworth.

He was a man just like us.

The truth is that Smith Wigglesworth was sick. He had a Heatstroke in the park one day and he was only get worse. He run the doctor out of his house claiming he has no interest in the doctor’s of the world. He had lost of mobility on one side and his speech was as sharp as normal.

At 87, the effects of this fallen world have started to deal with Smith Wigglesworth. Adding to the drama was the fact that he had a person distaste for medical professionals.


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  1. yosef says:

    Dear Lord. . .
    James 5:17 was not writen to put us down, but to lift us up!
    So you should realize that you are mis-qouting this scripture.

    ” Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. ”

    You realize you did even not give any citation for your claims.. ?
    May HE Has Mercy on you!

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