For those that don’t know who “Dr.” Juanita Bynum is, she is a “prophetess” that came to fame under T.D. Jakes and ministered a lot of television until she literally beat up her third husband and was arrested for it. Well, she is back! I am not going to get into the hotel room mess and Pastor John Moore in Virginia. There is no need for that. I am more considered with the reality of what I have been given recently. It is what is called a “rider” in the industry. I am sorry but I thought we was to be about ministry, not industry.

Juanita Bynum vs Jesus

I will go and say what many are thinking. She is after the money and does not care. She wants to be some secular speaker with Jesus on top. That is not how ministry works. She is not the only one doing. (Right, John Bevere) but these demands are straight up wrong! If the “deposit” of $5,000 is not enough, she wants between 60-70% of the offering on top of that. We can be sure she wants to sell books, messages and other stuff with her getting 100% of the profits. Oh, she needs at least a church of 1,000 people to even consider coming. Small churches don’t have the cash. She wants a first class flight to the meeting and bring a few groupie with her. All at the expense of the ministry of course. Why in the world you need first class flights in the United States is beyond me. It is less than 2 hours to most cities in the country. I think anyone could “suffer” with economy that long. Jesus might have not had a place to lay this head but Juanita Bynum needs the Presidential suite at a five star hotel. She also needs the ministry to out their credit card down for all her five star meals. Can’t you just see Jesus or Paul demanding these? As you can see, I think these demands for ministry are a downright joke and completely out of line. Real evangelists and prophets will sleep on the floor to preach the gospel. I do not know of any ministry that is anointed by God that has these insane demands. My question is how could a poor village church in Sri Lanka ever meet this demands? They simply could not. There is no justifying them, it only works in America to be so crazy with demands to minister. Simply put. At the end of the day, we have seen people like her and her friend, Paula White milk churches for thousands and no one says a word. It is pretty insane. Many ministries are struggling because of this insane practice and no one says a word. I even saw that Vicki Yohe defended the concept. I understand supporting the ministry. I get that. Any reasonable ministry would rather to travel and stay cheaper in exchange for a larger offering to be given for the work of world evangelization. When I was doing the conference circuit, there was a lot of Greyhounds, Amtraks, and budget airlines in my life.

Jezebel in our midst?

I think given her records since being a minister, including her beatdown of a husband, it is time we ask the question about a modern Jezebel. As you know, I am very slow to use that term and have only throw it out once before. I do not believe she is just a false teachers and false prophet. I think she is actually moving in a demonic spirit. That’s the spirit of Jezebel. She is making people succumb to her. She is using people for her own purposes. She is leading people into building her ministry; not the ministry of Jesus. She is after her own kingdom; not preparing for the coming Kingdom of God. All of this smells like Jezebel. It is concerning how well known personalities won’t call out Juanita Bynum for what she is doing. However, it is very hard to call people someone when you are doing the same thing. John Bevere, Rick Joyner, and Casey Treat comes to mind. Very few “big ministries” are willing to just come and preach to build the Assembly. It is the business of public speaking to them. I will stand up for the truth: Juanita Bynum is walking in a Jezebel Spirit. Everything points to her having control and be treated as some type of royalty. Her teachings might be off and that could make her a false teacher. She has really messed it in prophecy before and that would make her a false prophet. However, I think we need to look a little deeper and see the reality: she is walking in a satanic spirit just like Jezebel did.

Cleansing the temple is coming.

We are in a house that we need to cleanse the temple more than ever. We will not see the holy revival that we have been expecting for many years while we tolerate ministries that walk in this demonic spirit. Just like in the church at Thyatira, time is running out for us to deal with ministries that come just for money, people, and a place to teach their shameful doctrines. We have had these people come and cause a mixture of spirits, yet said nothing about it. Suffering is coming to those who share in her sinful way. Ministries that celebrate these false teachers, false prophets and Jezebel spirits will partake in the suffering that the Lord is going to release on them as well. This is bigger than just Juanita Bynum.
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