In 1996, Pentecostal theologian Stanley Horton said the following about the need for evangelism in our generation,

The good news gives meaning to life today. We can still affect the world for Christ. We can still expect the Pentecostal outpourings and thousands saved and added to the Church, as is actually happening in many parts of the world even now.

These words are even more true today than they were over 20 years ago. Death has quieted the voice of Brother Horton but the words live on. The heart of the matter is that we do not have much time and the Lord could come for the blood bought Church at any moment.

The time is short!

The main reason that we evangelize is there is little time left before the rapture of the saints. While there are many people who have different ideas of just how much time there is, most hold that it is very limited. Even if the Lord tarries, we know that life is but a vapor and there is no promise of tomorrow.

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