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Understanding Prophetic Dreams

There is a lot of talk about prophetic dreams these days. How much of it is biblical and how much of it is pagan in nature remains to be seen but what do we know about prophetic dreams? We do know people in the bible had them for sure.

The problem that we have is much of what we see out there is New age in nature and the jump to eastern religion is quite natural. How do we walk out the difference between the pagan and the prophetic? There is a fine line between them. Let’s be clear though: there is occult in the prophetic movement.

Many people do dreams and some of them are prophetic, some of them demonic and most of them are just dreams. People who build their whole ministries on “dream interpretation” are not rooted in the scriptures nor the power of God. It is error to build a ministry on one gift, prophecy or otherwise.

So we need to take a look at what we do know about prophetic dreams and if people are channeling the occult without knowing it. Sadly, there are more new age ideals in what people claim are prophetic dreams than biblical truth.

Roots of Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation is known in Hinduism as when Vishnu (Protector of the Universe) comes to give “spiritual intelligence” to followers of his coming back. (Sound familiar?) Dreams are a window or portal into the soul according to their religion. Special times and places have easier access to the dream world. There is a whole gathering where people receive from each other as Hindu mystics. People like Swami Sivananda believed that dreams and emotions are the avenues to the Spirit world.

In the Charismatic world, there also believe they have to get spiritual intelligence about the end times. People like John Paul Jackson and now Shawn Bolz teach there are portals to Heaven. There are also claims of special places such as Moravian Falls and Bethel as special places where “the heavens are thin.” They also have special conferences for impartation. Some ministries have built their ministry on it. The truth is much of this odd child in the Charismatic world is not that much different than what is practiced in eastern religion.

The truth is the road to it was Anges Sandford, a failed missionary to China who wrote Healing Light in the 1950s. She was a positive thought teacher who introduced inner healing. She would later influence John Sandford (not related) that led Elijah House. They would develop inner healing with their prophetic emphasis. It would lead to a unholy mixture of psychology, dreams, and twisted scripture.  John Sandford’s spiritual son was John Paul Jackson, a man that operated in a mixture of spirits.

Today, much of what we hear in the way of prophetic dreams is build on the foundations of what these people stole from Hinduism. Eastern religion is alive and well in the prophetic movement.

Do prophetic dream happen?

Yes! Everything that God did in the Bible still happens. He still speaks today and he uses dreams in the night. There is no reason to believe that the Spirit does not call us to greater levels of truth through dreams anymore. The Book of Acts has them in it and the Book of Revelation is prophetic in nature. The question is not if we do have dreams but how to interpret them without walking right into the occult.

The first question that must be asked about a dream is if it calls you to a deeper relationship with Jesus. Any communication from the Lord will draw you to a closer knowledge of the Lord. Do you love the Savior more because of the experince? If the answer is not yes, you did not have a prophetic dream and it must be discarded.

The second question is does the dream make you hate sin more than you did before? When God speaks to us, it is always in relationship to holiness. If your do not experience confusion of transgression; you did not have a dream from the Lord. He is always calling us to holiness, with which we not see the Lord.

The third question to ask is about compassion. Does the dream make you more in love with the lost than you were before. Jesus is the Lord of the Harvest. Any prophecy that does not call you to more love for the sinner is not from the Father that wishes none would perish. God voice is rooted in His mission that we call the Great Commission.

Throwing away the occult!

Many believers would never have a Ouija board in their home but they would have “prophetic dream dictionaries” without a thought. These books on dream interpretation are rooted in the occult. If you have any books that tell you how to interpret dreams, throw it out and make sure no one can get their hands on it! It is of the evil one. Yet, many believers today have these books.

Any teaching that does not point to the Spirit of God alone for understanding of a prophetic dream is a false teacher. You are opening yourself to the demonic world. Psychology has nothing to offer you. Inner Healing is just a new name for demonic influence. It is imparting demonic spirits on the believer. Any “inner healing guru” is just pushing eastern religion with a smile on their face.

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