One of the best examples of a soul winning church in America is the Los Angeles Dream Center in Los Angeles. In the midst of sin, darkness and hopelessness; they have become a light on the hill declaring the power of God to the world.

Started back in the 1990’s, they have been a beacon of hope to the people for over 25 years. They started with a small Filipino Assembly of God in downtown and ended up buying a 16 building hospital on the main highway in Los Angeles. At any moment, hundreds of lives are being changed.

I have worked as a missionary at the Dream Center myself. I worked with the Hope for Homeless Youth on the streets in Santa Monica. It was life changing to see the Spirit set young men free by the power of the gospel.

However, the story of how the Dream Center has touched people’s life in the wake of COVID19 is the miracle story that I want to share. They got to share the gospel in word and in deed to people that would have never heard the gospel.

Compassion in action is the vision of the Dream Center and that never changes.

Dream Center in the midst of COVID19

As the virus continues to kill and destroy, the Dream Center in Los Angeles continued to grow. At one point, they were serving people in food lines for 11 hours a day for months and months. They were relentless in their compassion for broken people and as a result, many came to faith in Christ Jesus.

At one point, the social worker was called the Dream Center to go visit kids in the projects because the state would not allow the social workers to do it. That’s favor. This is on top of the school that they made to help kids with homework and feed them twice away.

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