Friend of Revival?

Would you like be part of what the Spirit is doing with Open Heaven? In Luke 8, we read that people around Jesus invested in His work.

In the same way, the ministry exist because people like you that believe in the message have supported the work.

Seeding the nations

Putting revival in the hands of believers.

T.L. Osborn told me years ago to seed the nations. Putting books in the hands of the believers in other nations is the most practical ways to ignite revival fire. 

How to partner with Open Heaven

The vision is to raise up 120 people just like there was in the Upper Room that give $25 a month to support the vision of revival in the nations.

There is also special projects that include reaching the homeless in Kansas City that operate based on special one time offerings.

Taking Pentecost to sinners

Holy Spirit changes lives. Period.

Everything we do is to tell people they can be set free and delivered by the Spirit of God. 

Core Values

Some of what drives thoughts on the website.

  • Holy Spirit is for all.
  • Tongues as evidence.
  • Healing is provided.
  • Jesus is coming.
Theological Emphasis

The guiding emphasis on what is taught doctrinally.

  • Pneumatology
  • Ecclesiology
  • Missiology
  • Church History
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