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Cindy Jacobs and her failed prophecies

Cindy Jacobs prophesies alot. She gets alot of cultural words right on. She gets alot of personal words completely wrong. Do we make of her? False prophet? Wrong prophet? Prophet outside her authority?

I like Cindy Jacobs before we start this discussion. She is an amazing intercessor and has done alot for the Kingdom of God. God uses her to get people hungry for revelation. There is a million good things I could say about Cindy. She has blessed me everytime we have spoken over the years. (once or twice in a decade)

This woman can pray heaven down. She is most at ease as an intercessor. I have seen her open things in the Spirit from praying like few I know. She is like a Father Nash was to Charles Finney. I believe she get out of her calling when she tries to step into the prophetic when being an intercessor is her main calling.

Cindy Jacob & Villanueva Word

That is Eddie Villanueva, senior leader of the Jesus is Lord movement in the Philippines. He is a good guy from what I know of him. I have met him a few times. He does love people and love the country. He does have a pastoral heart for the Philippines. Presidential material? Hardly.

What do I do with a prophetic word that she was clearly just wrong on. She just missed it completely. No question about it. No working a cop out to work. She was just wrong as wrong gets on speaking for the Lord.

Well, for one, I think she was listening to the movers and shakers in the Jesus is Lord movement too much and thought that the Holy Spirit said something that he clearly did not say. She got spiritual confused about it. This does happen to prophets. However, they need to learn to grow out of them quickly.

What concerns me is that she never came out and publicly said, “I blew that one. I need to be more careful with using the Lord’s name on my declarations.” It never came and it should have came. It seems just thinks the Philippines is a long way from the United States so it won’t get to the heresy hunters.

This is a serious issue and something that Cindy should have addressed a long time ago. It is a black eye to the church at large. She said a leader of a small movement would be the President is a country that is over ninety percent Catholic and that clearly did not happen twice.

Many supporters would point to the condition of the political landscape of the Philippines that is very curropt and elections are downright bloody. It is nothing for a few hundred people to be murdered in an election cycle. However, I am sure that God knew all about them before Cindy gave the word of the Lord she believes he had for Eddie Villanueva.

After all, he is all knowing and all present, right?

Cindy Jacobs on the Philippines

What about the wider prophetic word about the Philippines. I actually think the Lord was in it. I do not have reason to believe that she had a motive to give a word to Ocampo of the Jesus Revolution movement that was not spirit led. She had little knowledge of the Philippines and to my knowledge, she had never been here before. I really believe that the declaration was completely led by the Spirit.

I believe, as Cindy Jacobs does, there is a youth movement that will be like John the Baptist. I believe the Philippines could be a major part in the coming revival. Could be. I do not know if the nation will get their act together and that includes the Church to be part of the great End time outpouring but I know they have the ability to be a great force. Filipinos are made and brainwashed by media to be very passionate. They just have to be passionate for the right things.

Is there a revival of Jesus coming to the Muslim in Mindanao? I believe there is. I know of several people from Iran that have come to the Philippines after recieving Jesus. Most of them have had prophetic encounters with Christ revealing Himself as the Bread of Life. A revival of the prophetic in Mindanao could be a major game changer for the country’s spiritual landscape. That is for sure.

I believe that God did speak to Cindy Jacobs about the increase in signs, wonders, and miracles coming to the Philippines in this generation. I believe that with all my heart.

Could Stadium Christianity start in the Philippines?

I wish it would. It would be easy to happen but I believe the religious spirit and the political spirit would destroy any real lasting move of God. To many people are interested in their own glory. They would make sure God got no glory. Every major movement here is marked by political spirit and competing spirits. Anything pass a few minutes and it would fall apart in no time.

I hate to say it but it is what I see happening today in the country. The Philippines is great for crusade evangelism but bad for lasting long term stadium revival. There is just too much to work through and too many leaders that want to build their own kingdom; not God’s Kingdom.

I know that God could move and there could be a massive repentance movement that changes all that. I realize that. I also realize that we have a free will, mind and emotions. God does not force us to repent. He doesn’t make us get a renewed mind. He calls us to do it, He expects us to do it. He does not force us to do it. We can still slide in heaven with a completely religious mindset.

Personally, I believe that the end time revival will begin where the Heavens are thin and there is less religious spirits. It will come at a place that revival has flowed before. It could be Los Angeles, Kansas City, Herrnhut (Germany) or even Jamaica. For reasons I can’t explain; I do think it will begin in a poorer country but not the Philippines.

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