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Open Heaven exist to educate people on revival, Church history and spiritual gifts. We are Classic Pentecostal in doctrine and experience.

On the day of Pentecost, Heaven opened when the Spirit came on the Church. Stephen saw it opened as did others. As long as Holy Spirit is on the earth, we have open heaven!

Fire of revival

We are praying for a revival like the Book of Acts.

A century ago, people of Pentecost meet in Hot Springs with a vision for living out the Book of Acts. Today, Open Heaven has the same vision: Book of Acts lived out through the people of God.

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That we may be one.

Open Heaven has a heart to unite the Pentecostals around revival and miracles. No matter theological differences, all Pentecostals are a revival people.

In the fires of Holy Ghost outpouring, doctrinal challenges melt in our lives for love of the Spirit's presence.

Ministry influences


Smith Wigglesworth

As a young believer, I would get my hands on anything I could of Smith Wigglesworth, the Apostle of Faith. 


David Wilkerson

I was able to meet Brother Wilkerson and learn to model his preaching style. He has a prophetic call to the nation without compromise. 


Leonard Ravenhill

Getting saved in the Brownsville Revival, we would grab anything Ravenhill. Much of my foundation was his materials. 


Steve Hill

On July 15, 1996; Steve Hill led me to the Lord. I would later have the opportunity to be mentored by him for a season while at the Brownsville Revival.


Reinhard Bonnke

I had the opportunity to learn directly from the evangelist on how to reach the lost and do international gospel crusades. 


Randy Clark

I was able to be part of Global Awakening for a season and learn how they do healing and deliverence ministry and impartation.


Tommy Barnett

One of the greatest honors of my ministry has been to work with the Dream Center and learn how to minister to people.


Jill Austin

I learned more about Open Heaven and Breaker anointing from this woman that I will ever realize. Woman of God. Prophet of God.

What is Open Heaven?

It is a belief that God wants to save, heal, deliver and baptize people with the Spirit.

The conviction of Open Heaven is deeply rooted in our Pneumatology. in the Holy Spirit, every miracle is possible. As the Holy Spirit is welcome, the miracles happen.

Core Values

Some of what drives thoughts on the website.

  • Holy Spirit is for all.
  • Tongues as evidence.
  • Healing is provided.
  • Jesus is coming.
Theological Emphasis

The guiding emphasis on what is taught doctrinally.

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