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Open Heaven is a ministry committed to teaching believers to walk like they did in the Book of Acts.
As a classic Pentecostal ministry, we believe the answer to the world's problems is the power of God. The Church is not the answer but the Lord of the Church, Jesus is!

Who is Peter?

Evangelist. Revivalist. Theologian. Revival historican.

Spiritual Gifts

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Revival Studies

We have a roadmap to God's plan in the nations. Times of Outpourings in the past tell us how God moves and His plan to complete the task of reaching the lost.

Great Commission

The purpose of every believer is to see the power of God confirmed the preaching of the gospel in every village of the world in this generation!


What is Revival?

Revival is a season of visitation of the Spirit that is marked by wide spread repentance, dramatic miracles, extra-ordinary deliverance from sin and compassion for the poor. 

It is not a “culture” or model. It is a return to apostolic living in the Book of Acts. Once the church makes the return, it is not longer revival.

You can have evangelism without revival but you can not have revival without evangelism. Revival is a hurricane, it can’t be contained. 

We have seen times where whole nations have come to Christ in times of outpouring. America was changed by the fire out of Azusa Street. (1906-1909) 

Missionaries left from Azusa Street to the nations. Jamaica, Korea and Philippines saw moves of the Spirit as a result. 

The purpose of revival for every person alive to see the miracle power of Jesus and hear the gospel. Revival is God’s end time mission plan!

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